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Edge Life Power Bank


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Micro processor controlled to auto adjust charging voltage
(V) current (A) to suit most mobile phones.

•RISC micro processor controlled for fast charging and enhanced battery life cycle.
•Intelligent display of LED to indicator.
Input : 5V/2A
Output 1 Max : 5V/2A
Output 2 Max : 5V/2A
•More than 500 times life cycle for battery.
•Safety timer and temperature monitoring.
•Easy to carry with slim and elegant design.
•Lithium-ion Battery
•Torch Light
•Suitable for maximum digital devices with DC 5V input. Such as Tablet PC, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Camera, MP3, MP4, GPS & PSP etc.
Package Contents:
•Portable charger.
•Charging cable.
•Before initial use, fully charge to activate the battery.
•Keep away from fires, water & avoid impact.

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